Friday, 30 November 2012

7 Principles of Entrepreneurship the CiputraWay

7 Principles of Entrepreneurship the CiputraWay

The 7 Principles :
Strategies of Learning
Essential Subjects
Dr. Ir. Ciputra's 7 Questions

1 Definition

 Entrepreneurs transform TRASH into GOLD (Dr. Ir.Ciputra)

2 Purposes

 Entrepreneurial Person
  Entrepreneurial Community or Organization/State

3 Traits
Opportunity Creation
Calculated Risk Taking

4 Roles

 Business Entrepreneur
  Academic Entrepreneur
  Government Entrepreneur
  Social Entrepreneur

5 Strategies of Learning

 Creative Critical Constructive Imagination
  Entrepreneurial Real Life Experience
  Educative Disequilibrium Conditioning
  Coaching and Mentoring with Collaboration and Competition
  Community and Market Impact and Involvement

6 Essential Subjects

 Essential Marketing
  Entrepreneurship Operational Management
  Entrepreneurship Life Skill
  Ethics & Ethos
  Entrepreneurship Financial Literacy
  Essential Business Plan

Dr. Ir. Ciputra's 7 Questions

 Are you Passionate?
  Do you see a big opportunity creatively to serve the market (a possible Blue Ocean Business)?
  Do you have an innovative product that your market can not say no?
  Do you have the capacity to market the product effectively?
  Do you have the capacity to make the product available efficiently?
  Do you know the cheapest way and the least risk to get the "gold" of the opportunity?
  Do you dare to take the risk of hard-work, financial risk and mental risk?

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Catatan Penting Entrepreneur Invasion 2012